RC Ransomware Assessment

As part of our effort to equip organizations with the knowledge and tools they need to defeat ransomware criminals, we offer a non-obligatory Ransomware Assessment. This assessment, conducted by our own cybersecurity team, is designed show you how fast RansomCare can react in your system, and test if your existing security defenses react to zero-day file encryption and uncommon file changes on your fileshares. The assessment is conducted remotely.

The assessment takes less than two hours and is conducted within a safe and controlled environment.

Important Considerations

Does your current security setup allow you to identify the user and device that initiated the outbreak (Patient Zero)?

Do you have the ability to immediately stop illegitimate encryption before significant damage occurs?

Do you have complete visibility over what files have been encrypted and their location?

Ready. Set. Go.

We make preparation for your assessment simple and easy for you. Your IT security team need only set up a virtual server and follow a short list of instructions. Total setup takes approximately 30 minutes and should be completed before the assessment begins.

On the day of the assessment, we will schedule a virtual meeting with your organization’s IT stakeholders and install and configure RansomCare (RC). Once configured, we will run a number of separate encryption simulations to assess your organization’s resilience, and present our findings. You’ll also receive an assessment report containing assessment results.


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