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RansomCare (RC) provides fully automated ransomware containment and protects critical file storage infrastructre. No endpoint installation required.

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What is Containment of active Ransomware?

When existing security hasn’t detected ransomware and your files are being encrypted – you need something to stop it.


Detects malicious encryption in milliseconds.


Isolates infected users and devices in seconds.

With our Ransomware Assessment Test, we can show RansomCare working in your own infrastructure.

Experience why leading organizations choose RansomCare.

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Key Differentiators

RansomCare is not another prevention-based security solution.

No endpoint installation. No network overhead. 

A different approach

RC leverages heuristic analysis and file metadata to monitor traffic between endpoints and file shares(on-premise or cloud) to swiftly and efficiently detect evidence of an active ransomware breach. Instead of searching for ransomware, RC detects and responds to ransomware’s malicious intent: illegitimate file encryption.

Agentless Solution

RC is not installed on endpoints or any existing file servers. Our agentless solution is easily deployed within days and leverages Machine Learning to configure automatically. RC creates no network performance overhead and supports integration with existing security solutions to strengthen the overall defense.

Detects the Unknown

Cybercriminal development teams constantly monitor prevention-based security vendors for software updates; they know when existing variants are at risk of being detected and when to change their methods. RC circumvents this problem by detecting encryption caused by known and unknown ransomware variants.

Utilize the Cloud

RC works seamlessly with Office 365, Sharepoint and Google Drive. RC is OS-agnostic to the device type accessing the cloud, including mobile devices, tablets, MAC, IoT, and laptops, and also for OS independent environments, such as Windows, Android, IOS and Linux.


Regardless of whether an attack starts on an endpoint, a mobile phone, an IOT device, via email, website drive-by-attack, USB cable, or was deployed by someone inside your organization, RC reacts immediately when said device or user causes encryption on file shares either on-premise or in the cloud.


Organizations that fall victim to ransomware typically have between 4-7 prevention-based security tools in place. RC is not a replacement, but a complementary last line of defense security layer.

Complementary? How?

Monitoring Critical Data.

RansomCare monitors your critical data storages for ransomware encryption

File Shares

Application Servers

Database Servers


Google Drive

We Know How to Be A Step Ahead of Cybercriminals

With decades of experience in the security industry, in 2016, we knew our future focus should be automated containment

Designed by Security

RansomCare is built with Security by Design, utilizing industry-leading development practices.

Third-Party Pen Test

RansomCare regularly undergoes technical due dilligence and pen-testing by recognized system integrators.

Analyst Recognition

RansomCare has been recognized as “lightning in a bottle” and “no encryption left undetected” by industry analysts.


Positive reviews from secure organizations.

We strive to keep our customers safe from ransomware to allow their organizations to perform optimally and without unnecessary downtime

“In our due diligence research and competitive evaluation of the BullWall solution we found that there was nothing else like it on the market that delivered such an effective last line of defence. So, it wasn’t a difficult decision to choose the RansomCare solution.”


Council in United Kingdom with 5,500 employees

“We were impressed when we saw a demonstration of RC. It refocused us to the huge impact of ransomware and that those attacks were getting a lot nastier and more significant than in the past. Also, the investment was relatively modest in terms of what we were getting in return.”


Public Sector organization in Wales with 2,800 employees

“BullWall’s customer care after installation was very good because the team was constantly checking on progress. Going forward, if we have any issues, I have no doubt that I can just pick up the phone to BullWall and get it sorted.”


School with 1,800 students using RC’s Office 365 Connector

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RansomCare has proven to be a great fit to hundreds of organizations, and with a 45-minute free, 1-on-1 live demonstration you will understand why organizations in your industry fall victim to ransomware despite deploying lots of endpoint security.

(hint: they lack an automated containment strategy and protection on the most critical data layers)