Attack knowledge
CRYPTOTACK provides you and your Incident Response Team with details of all Ransomware attacks which gives you the necessary time to respond the way that suits your organisation. It’s a 100% harmless simulation of a real Ransomware attack. It does not put any of your files at risk as it has an automatic file and folder creator to create a safe test environment.

CRYPTOTACK is used for testing the installation, ensuring detection, alerts and shut down procedures are working properly in accordance with your Incident Response Plan.

Don’t be an easy target. Be prepared.
Don’t be an easy target. Be prepared.


Most organisations aren’t fully aware of the risk of a potential Ransomware attack. Ransomware has evolved dramatically in recent years, to the point where it is now proven to be able to temporarily shut down entire global enterprises. While many organisations educate themselves in corporate governance and responsibilities, such as health and safety, many assume that the threat of a Ransomware attack is something that can be left to someone with a technical skillset.
Ransomware risk assessment
However, it becomes clear that ignoring the risks posed by Ransomware amounts to negligence on behalf of the board. Cybersecurity is the angry elephant in the boardroom. A organisation is more than 1000 times more likely to experience cybercrime than suffer a fire, theft, injury to an employee or be sued for professional negligence, and the consequences can be just as severe; from financial loss to reputational damage, to even closure.