"Insurers remain committed to paying all genuine claims as quickly as possible, and strive to acheive a balance between investigating potential frauds and ensuring that genuine claimants do not face delays as a result. Fraudulent claims and the cost of investigating suspected frauds lead to higher premiums for honest customers"

- Insurance Europe (the European insurance federation).

Fraud is estimated to represent up to 10% of all claims expenditure in Europe, according to Insurance Europe (the Eropean insurance and reinsurance federation). 10% at your insurance company adds up to:

1: Annual Settlement Payments

Enter the insurance company's annnual settlement payments

2: Estimated fraud in %

Enter the insurance comapnny's estimated fraud in %, e.g. between 5-15%


Expected annual fraud in EUR

Based on your numbers, the expected annual fraud per year in your organization total at:

3: Enter the amount of claims where the claim documents are digital in %


Potential discovering of fraud in EUR

4: Out of claims with digital claim documents, enter the % that are below a 2,000 threshold


Estimated fraud on claims below 2000 EUR

5: Enter the amount of fraud below EUR 2000 that can be stopped by FDS in %


Estimated annual improvement in fraud below EUR 2,000

6: Other annual cases of fraud above EUR 2,000 in %


Estimated total on annual fraud above EUR 2,000

7: Enter the amount of fraud above EUR 2,000 that can be stopped by FDS in %


Estimated annual improvement in fraud over EUR 2,000


Total improvement with FDS

Annual FDS subscription

Return on investment / EUR

Payback time / Workdays (265)


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