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How Schools Should Respond to Ransomware

Ransomware attacks on educational institutions are becoming more sophisticated, leading to significant disruptions, data loss, and even student identity theft. Despite schools’ best efforts, the reality is that these attacks are more frequent and more damaging than ever.

Join us on this webinar with cybersecurity experts from BullWall and Torrance Unified School District as they share their experiences with ransomware attacks and how vital containment is to ensure your school remains in session.

We will explore the following topics:

  • The unique challenges educational institutions face in ransomware prevention and response.
  • Key steps to create a robust incident response plan, including ransomware containment.
  • How a ransomware containment tool responds to 3 live ransomware attacks.


  • Gil Mara

    Chief EdTech and Information Services Officer

    Gil Mara has been an educator in K12 for thirty four years, starting out in the classroom as a middle school science teacher in the Hawthorne School District. He transitioned to the world of IT in the mid 90’s after having the first classroom connected to the “Information Superhighway.” He has been the Chief Educational Technology and Information Services Officer for the Torrance Unified School District the last nine years. He has managed and implemented numerous projects over the years from critical Ed Tech and business platforms, to data center, network and security infrastructure.

  • Steve Hahn

    EVP Americas

    Steve Hahn is BullWall’s Executive VP of Sales with over 12 years in cybersecurity and an additional 25 years in IT services. During his career, he worked with many customers, ranging from niche organizations to Fortune 500 software/hardware companies like Symantec, IBM, Dell, HP, CA, and BMC. In 2022, Steve joined the BullWall mission to provide companies with a reliable and innovative solution to contain ransomware attacks.

  • Don McCraw

    Director of Engineering, Americas

    Don McCraw, the Director of Sales Engineering for BullWall, lives in Houston, Texas, and has 25+ years of experience as an Information Technology Professional. He previously worked as an Engineer in the U.S. Air Force Intelligence and CheckPoint, among other technology companies, Hewlett Packard, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and DXC. As an accomplished technical expert with experience in developing multi-layer security infrastructures, he manages and leads the U.S. technical team as BullWall experiences rapid growth in the North American market.