Insurance companies

Insurance companies aim to change claims handling from the manual, laborious and costly process to being automated and precise with no false positives and online self-service.

FDS allows you to automatically detect fraud on supplied claims documentation in seconds. It allows you to scan images, photos, invoices, receipts, certificates, warranties and more. Insurance companies typically experience attempted claims using forged documentation of between 2%-10%. Just a small improvement could result in significant savings.

FDS detects manipulation and forgery, providing a workflow system with information about the findings and states the next steps to ensure the user follows the defined process.

Law firms

The courts, defense attorneys and prosecutors have begun to understand how easy it is to manipulate a digital picture. The increasing level of sophistication and quality of fraudulent documents poses a serious threat to the legitimate truth of evidence and is a growing problem. Fake documents and counterfeits are documents that constitutes an unauthorized reproduction of a genuine document. Forged documents are typically based on a rightful document, a part of which has been added or altered in order to give misleading information.

It is a challenging task to differentiate between false and genuine documents. To help overcome these difficulties, FDS provides an easy drag and drop function, to examine what normally only a highly trained forensic expert can do and provide the legal evidence in a report. A forensic expert normally charges around USD 2,000 for examining 1 file or 1 photo to be used as evidence in court.

Law enforcement

One of the challenges facing police investigators worldwide, is learning about the methods criminals use to forge and alter documents to facilitate crimes. Due to the rapid evolvement of these methods of fraud-related crimes, investigators must continuously adapt, which highlights the importance of using automated investigation systems to identify and track false and misleading information.

FDS is an automated security solution that helps verifying time, actual location, bearings and type of camera used for images, ensuring it all corresponds with the information provided in each case. With FDS, investigators can receive an expert evaluation of scanned documents and files in a matter of seconds and without the need for a forensic expert.

With smartphones being used to manipulate documents and images, the number of fraud-related crimes are skyrocketing. FDS improves the quality and handling of cases without increasing the related cost for forensic experts.

Other corporate fraud

The fraudulent use of documents presents a real threat to businesses and their profits, as it facilitates a wide range of crimes. Fake documents such as forged invoices and expenses, are valuable assets for criminals who can use them to claim travel expenses or for making fraudulent invoices. FDS provides specialized tools for businesses to detect fraudulent documents and improve the level of security e.g., if invoices are being processed twice or if an invoice has been forged.
FDS alerts on counterfeits, allowing users to identify individuals attempting crime with forged documents.

FDS effectively tackles the fast-growing problem of fraud – both within the company and from external criminals.