Easy Deployment and Integration

Deployment of FDS is easy and agentless, which means no installation on end points. FDS is installed on a dedicated Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 or later either on-premise, in private cloud, or in public cloud.

FDS supports VM environments and can be easily supported by MSP’s (Managed Service Providers). For smaller and mid-sized insurance companies the deployment is very easy and cost effective. For larger organizations the full scalability of FDS makes it possible for it to be deployed with multiple detection engines. This enables FDS to service global or highly distributed environments which handle large volumes of files. All functionalities are accessed through web browser.

Workflow Knowledge Management

Detected fraud is automatically assigned to the right team by the configurable FDS workflow engine. Dealing with fraudulent cases, FDS features knowledge management Q&A, where some detection methods have multiple questions. This will support and teach the claims handler to investigate each detection further and ask the policy holder the correct follow up questions.

Cases inspected by claims handlers can be re-assigned by the Workflow Engine to the SIU’s (Special Investigation Unit) for further inspection. All fraudulent cases can be documented further with evidence-based reports created for documentation in police or court cases.