Last Line of Defence against Ransomware

We make sure that your organization, reputation and bottom line stay secure when all your other security solutions fail. Stop ransomware before it stops you!


Instantly detect an ongoing ransomware outbreak


Immediately detect and identify the user and client which initiated the encryption and block any further encryption


Stop the ransomware in its tracks by using our built-in scripts (Shutdown device, disable user in Active Directory, terminate a Citrix session or disable network devices)


Quickly identify the user and the files that have been encrypted for an easy restore from backup


Automate your GDPR reporting


No network or performance overhead

Immediate Safeguard

RC provides a revolutionary “Last Line of Defence” against the risk of Ransomware. RC will immediately react to live ransomware outbreaks when all other security solutions have failed. RC monitors your critical data (XLS, DOCX and PDF etc) and looks for any illegitimate encryption.  RC will instantly detect any unwanted ransomware outbreaks.

Quick and Easy Installation

As RC is an agentless solution, there is no requirement for this to be installed on your endpoints, servers or file storage. RC monitors your network shares and protects your critical data. As a result, RC can be deployed quickly and in a matter of hours.

Enhances value of existing solutions

Easy integration to other security solutions like MS ATP, Cisco ISE and Splunk through the RC RESTful API, enhances your current security setup.

RC brings immediate safeguard and easy GDPR compliance

RC is an agentless technology which is implemented on existing infrastructure, making implementation safe and hassle-free, by applying automatic configuration of settings with Machine Learning, using security-based Artificial Intelligence.

Defend against ransomware that gets through your first line of defence before it spreads across the network and encrypts your file servers. Ransomware encryption is becoming more and more severe and challenging, and now that you need to report any data breach to the Supervisory Authority in connection with GDPR, this adds another dimension.

RC provides a revolutionary Last Line of Defence, detecting attacks on any endpoint by known or unknown ransomware, whether they entered via email, website drive-by-attack, Skype, USB key, false attachments, or deployed by someone inside your organization. It monitors the traffic on network shares going to and from your network file servers, using multiple detection strategies, including heuristics and metadata, to swiftly detect tell-tale signs that ransomware is at work.

When RC detects suspicious traffic, it raises an alert instantly and responds by shutting down the endpoint under attack, including laptops,


Detailed live visibility with playback

RC creates a baseline of all the activity on your systems and in your environment. It simply monitors the network traffic going to and from your network file servers, using heuristics and metadata to discover ransomware swiftly.
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning automates the initial alert settings, making it ever more sensitive based on your real network activity.

In seconds, RC provides you with full visibility of any live file changes on your entire network. It gives you visibility on the WEB Dashboard which displays the recording log of any file creation, change, rename or deletion – so in case of an attack – you know exactly which files have been compromised. Often, companies are astonished by the detailed overview of the file changes that take place within your organization as well as your premises abroad. In case of an attack, you have an advanced playback feature of the history log which makes you able to easily study all details related.

No other security solution provides you with such detailed and structured overview.


RC stops the attack dead in its tracks

RC will react within seconds of an unexpected file encryption taking place, alerting the Security Operations Centre (SOC) team, the attacked user, any other key stakeholders and finally notify the local GDPR Supervisory Authority (SA) if required.

Alerting is done by email, SMS, IOS/Android app and through integration with most STEM solutions. The alerting and communication also works if you are hosting in the cloud or having an MSP taking care of your IT solution and infrastructure.


Keep your organization running smoothly

RC will respond within seconds of any detected ransomware attack, shutting down the infected user/client and stopping any ransomware from spreading into the organization. RC will inform you as soon as the attack has been stopped, and the alert level has subsided to normal.

Integration through RESTful API to other security solutions such as Cisco ISE and Windows Defender ATP, means your security teams can unify security management across an increasingly complex sea of endpoints. RC provides a full damage report, listing all files or folders, you need to recover from backup for speedy recovery of the few infected files that were compromised. With immediate response and a minimum number of files encrypted, it substantially removes the risk of a data breach according to GDPR.


Remove pressure from the operational team

RC provides a speedy data-recovery concept. It gives you an exact list of the few files infected before the forced shutdown that need to be restored from your backup. It will reduce any potential downtime by identifying the exact files that need to be recovered, saving you valuable time with minimal cost of recovery.

Some of the latest tactics from the cyber criminals are encrypting files without even changing the file name as well as encrypting files in different folders across your infrastructure. This makes recovery difficult and ultimately forces you to restore a full backup and putting additional pressure on the entire organization with operational loss and potentially a GDPR headache.

With RC your organization will safely and quickly be operational without having to pay the ransom.

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