About BullWall

BullWall is a fast-growing international, privately owned digital innovator with headquarters in Denmark. BullWall is led with empathy and driven by passion, built on talent, dedicated to fight cybercrime in its many forms. Our overarching purpose is to break cybercrime and to combat digital fraud on file level – stop new and unknown strings of ransomware attacks in its tracks – and to provide solutions to report data breaches to regulators in a timely manner and secure way.

BullWall’s three innovative technologies; RC, FDS and IMS have the sole focus on analyzing and protecting organizations and their digital assets, whether it is protecting against a vicious ransomware attack, detecting advanced insurance fraud or reporting a data breach incident. Our people are the heart and soul of our company. We know what really matters; development, flexibility, recognition, and purpose, always with the customer in focus. BullWall has a global reach and provide cuttingedge technologies to customers within corporate, enterprise, and the public sector.

Board of Directors

Under Danish company law, the Board of Directors must promote the success of the company by exercising independent judgement with reasonable care, skill and diligence, while having regard to the long term consequences of their decisions.

BullWall’s Executive Directors are full-time employees of BullWall and form part of the management team. They are responsible for the day-to-day management of our businesses and are supported by the Non-Executive Directors.

The Non-Executive Directors are independent from BullWall’s management team. They are primarily responsible for constructively challenging and monitoring the success of BullWall’s management team in delivering the agreed strategy within products and markets as well as financially and legally.


Troels Oerting

Executive Director & CEO

Michael Slipsager

Executive Director & CTO

Jan Lovmand

Non-Executive Director

Ketil Ardal

Non-Executive Director

Niels Holch Povlsen