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More than 50% of K-12 schools and universities experienced a recent cyber-attack that caused significant disruptions to their IT infrastructure. ​​Educators remain high-level targets due to the complete collection of students' PII data, which can be used for identity theft. While educators understand the issue, they are challenged to improve their security posture with limited budget and staff resources.

This challenge has become more complex with the adoption of remote learning and bring-your-own-device policies, which gives cybercriminals new entry points into school networks. Traditional security solutions are no longer viable in preventing all ransomware variants, and education has the slowest recovery times and the third-highest rate of ransom payment following an attack. Those who paid recovered only 68% of their data, and just 11% received all their encrypted data back, forcing many institutions to rebuild from the ground up and incurring high financial costs.

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of universities experienced a cyber attack that caused significant disruption


Cost of downtime accrued by Boston University after an attack


rise in ransomware targeting educational institutions

Think your institution is protected from ransomware? Find out for sure.

Why BullWall?

In 2022, two-thirds of ransomware attacks against schools were able to successfully exfiltrate data, up from half in 2021. EDR security solutions commonly used in education can’t keep up with ever-evolving cybercriminals and attack vectors. Sooner or later, ransomware will slip through.

When ransomware bypasses preventative solutions, BullWall focuses on minimizing the attack's impact by safeguarding what matters most - school data and student identity. When a ransomware attack begins, BullWall detects the abnormal file activity, stops file encryption within seconds, quarantines the infected user and protects your critical IT infrastructure and data storage – on-premises and in the cloud.

We can’t employ enough people to sit there looking at all of this. We’ve got to automate our response time, our responses, and our monitoring of our system. - Gil Mara, CISO at Torrance Unified School District


BullWall uses 28 sensors and machine learning to monitor file activity and identify abnormal events.


BullWall stops active attacks, quarantine the infected user & device, and protect your critical IT infrastructure.


BullWall notifies your IT team within seconds and provide a report of compromised devices and files to expedite recovery.

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No Encryption,
No Ransom

BullWall eliminates ransom demands by stopping malicious encryption in seconds.

No Exfiltration,
No Extortion

BullWall minimizes extortion and protects PII by preventing malicious data exfiltration.

No Downtime,
No Worries

BullWall thwarts and isolates attacks before the damage can spread, so there’s no downtime.

The only solution of its kind

BullWall is agentless, lightweight, and easy to get up and running. Entirely automated, the system requires no hands-on monitoring and can be integrated with your other security solutions. BullWall is the first step in strengthening your cybersecurity network and is proven to contain numerous ransomware attempts that target educational institutes.


BullWall is currently protecting 89,000+ school administrators around the world, enabling them to:

  • Prevent student identity theft
  • Stop the exfiltration of sensitive information
  • Protect database systems and IT infrastructure
  • Ensure continuity of operations