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Ransomware Is Evolving So Must Your Response

When a ransomware attack strikes, BullWall Ransomware Containment will...


Monitor & Detect

Monitor data activity in real time on SAN/NAS file shares, VMs, domain controllers, database servers and application servers, on-prem and in the cloud.

Leverage 28 detection sensors and machine-learning capabilities, instantly detect illegitimate encryption and exfiltration.


Isolate & Quarantine

Immediately and automatically activate an isolation and containment protocol for compromised users and devices initiating abnormal encryption.

Deploy built-in scripts to stop file encryption and data exfiltration in seconds.

Alert IT through built-in dashboard, email, SMS, app, or integration with SIEM, NAC, EDR and other security solutions via RESTful API.


Recover & Report

Quickly identify any encrypted files that can be restored from backup.

Fully automate compliance incident reporting with an advanced history log that captures all attack details, suitable for internal leadership and external government agencies.

Agentless & Easy to Implement
Nothing to Install on Endpoints

Protects All Critical IT Infrastructure

Automated Compliance Reporting for Standards
Such as GDPR or NIST

24x7 Automated Detection and Response


What is Bullwall Ransomware Containment? +

BullWall Ransomware Containment is a solution designed to detect, isolate, and stop ransomware attacks, protecting critical IT infrastructure with features like real-time monitoring, automated detection, and compliance reporting.

How does BullWall Ransomware Containment work? +

The solution monitors data activity across various systems, uses machine learning to detect ransomware, automatically isolates compromised devices, and assists in recovery and compliance reporting.

Can BullWall Ransomware Containment prevent significant damage from ransomware? +

Yes, it can stop illegitimate encryption and data exfiltration in seconds, thus preventing significant damage from ransomware attacks.

Does BullWall offer automated compliance reporting for standards like GDPR or NIST? +

Yes, BullWall provides automated compliance reporting suitable for standards such as GDPR and NIST.

50% of ransomware deployments start with RDP. BullWall can stop it before it starts.

Think You’re protected? Find Out for sure.

Does your current security setup allow you to identify the user and device that initiated the outbreak (Patient Zero)?

Do you have the ability to immediately stop illegitimate encryption before significant damage occurs?

Do you have complete visibility over what files have been encrypted or exfiltrated?