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RDP Is A Ransomware Gateway

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is the initial attack vector in 50% of ransomware deployments


RDP compromise allows attackers to conduct thorough reconnaissance, identifying valuable assets and vulnerabilities within the network.

Lateral Movement

Cybercriminals frequently exploit RDP vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access, allowing them to move laterally within networks.

Ransomware Deployment

Attackers escalate privileges and install ransomware on compromised systems, resulting in data encryption and exfiltration.

How BullWall Prevents RDP Attacks

  • When Client Credentials are Compromised

    • RDP session is initiated
    • Login to the server is prompted
    • Stolen credentials are provided
  • BullWall Provides an MFA Challenge

    • Option for a traditional MFA
    • OR a token grid with NO second device required
  • If MFA Challenge Fails

    • BullWall blocks the intrusion
    • BullWall stops unauthorized access
  • BullWall Response Protocol is Initiated:

    • Alert generated
    • Stolen admin account blocked
    • Compromised user account blocked
    • Compromised device isolated

Stop The Ransomware Deployment Protocol

Contain Intrusion
By preventing unauthorized access, a containment protocol is implemented which prevents ransomware deployment, data encryption and data exfiltration.

Halt Breach Progression
By impeding reconnaissance and lateral movement, the potential for compromise in other network areas is effectively halted.

Defend Against
Stolen Credentials
Including an MFA challenge substantially reduces the threat of unauthorized access, even with compromised credentials.

BullWall Server Intrusion Protection Includes...

MFA for RDP Sessions

Easy to use, easy to configure MFA with no requirement for a second device.

Monitoring of Scheduled Tasks

Prevents malware from being installed.

Immutable Record of Server Access

Full forensics on all successful and unsuccessful server login attempts.

cyber insurance policies require MFA on every server login. BullWall ensures compliance.

What if attackers use a different entry point? BullWall contains an active attack.