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Greetings and welcome to the BullWall blog!

As the CEO of BullWall, I’m honored to introduce you to our company and share our journey with you.

In late 2015 / early 2016, our team saw a change in the ransomware attacks that took place in the Nordics. Typically the criminals were targeting small and mid-sized companies with limited security budgets with simple attack methods and technologies. But suddenly, bigger companies were showing vulnerabilities as the attack methods became more advanced and prevention was not enough to keep the ransomware attackers at arm’s length. It was clear that even companies with extensive security were not safe and that radical changes were needed. The need for ransomware containment came to life, and BullWall was born. Some initial prototype technology that effectively identified an attack-in-progress was productized and expanded.  Our flagship product, RansomCare, became the first true Ransomware Kill Switch.

Today, BullWall has evolved this groundbreaking technology to not only identify but contain ransomware attacks within seconds, preventing the encryption of data and attempts to extort sensitive data leaks. BullWall can shut down an attack and create a compliance report within seconds, identifying any affected users, devices, and files.

We are passionate about our mission because we talk to security teams every day who have been impacted by ransomware, which has become a significant threat to organizations of all sizes and industries, causing disruption to business operations, financial losses, reputational damage, and impacts to the public. The US government and 27 participating nations have convened a group specifically on ransomware, which confirmed that ransomware is growing faster than their ability to stop it. BullWall has protected many of Europe’s top governmental entities, financial and healthcare institutes, and other businesses and is now expanding into global markets.

EDRs: They Can’t See Zero-Days and Don’t Protect What Ransomware Targets

Organizations invest in AV, EDR, and XDR security solutions to mitigate ransomware attacks, but these measures usually fail when a zero-day attack hits. Threat actors know this and constantly add minor variations and updates to infiltrate organizations, evade detection, launch successful ransomware attacks, and extort their targets. In this battle against ransomware, EDR aims for the wrong target by focusing on the endpoint. BullWall recognizes that detecting and responding within milliseconds is the only way to stop an attack and has developed a ransomware kill switch.

As today’s new AI tools and resources give threat actors a perpetual upper hand, the need for a ransomware kill switch has never been greater, and it will only increase. We invite you to explore our website, take a ransomware assessment, and learn more about ransomware containment. We would love to give you a demo of our product.

We’re BullWall – the global leader in Ransomware Containment.


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